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For fast service give us a call because the last thing you want to neglect is your air conditioning unit, especially in the hot California summers. We repair and service all brands of air conditioning units. We also offer heating repair since it's part of most central air systems. Our service area is within a 15 mile radius of central Pittsburg.

HVAC Service You Can Depend On

We have tested and installed more than a thousand HVAC systems locally while keeping detailed records of the brands that hold up and the ones that don't. We will gladly share this valuable information with you if you decide to upgrade or replace your central ac unit

Emergency Heating & Air service is another benefit we offer because our customers have spoken and we listen to what they want. Their looking for skilled, highly trained service techs that won't waste their time because there not qualified or don't carry the appropriate parts. Having the highest quality parts and the right equipment, tested by our years of servicing a wide variety of brands, will get your central air unit operating efficiently. The brands that seem to hold up the best is the Carrier brand.

Our Heating & Cooling Services in Pittsburg, CA Include:

  1. Air Conditioning/AC Repair
  2. Heater & Furnace Repair
  3. Complete HVAC Service
  4. New Air Conditioners Sold
  1. Central Air Conditioning Units
  2. Replacement Thermostats
  3. Emergency Residential Service
  4. Commercial AC Units Serviced

Why Hire AC Repair Pittsburg for your Air Conditioning Repair?

heating and cooling repair in Pittsburg, CAIt’s in the middle of summer, and the temperature is one hundred degrees plus, which is very common in Pittsburg, and your AC unit goes out. Who are you going to call. I know I'm going to call the most experienced relevant company I can find on the Google search engine. Then find out how fast they can get to my home and diagnose my central air conditioner.

Getting Loyal Customers

One way we distinguish ourselves from the competition is when you call us we always pick up the phone. There seems to be a trend toward voice mail these days and were not going to put up with it, that's why we insist on having a technician ready to answer all your HVAC questions when you call us.

Pittsburg's Demand for Heating & Cooling Service is Growing

Pittsburg's population in 2012 is roughly 63,500 and has increased by 11.4% in the last 10 years. Pittsburg is developing into a growing community, just look at all the new development going on around the old marina and the new BART extension. New restaurants like EJ Phair Brewing and The New Mecca Cafe getting a facelift.

Another example of growth is the local high school which recently went through a major remodel making it one of the nicer looking high schools around. These are just a few of the improvements Pittsburg residents are focusing on and we are keeping up with the heating and cooling systems they are installing to better service the city's needs.

Other cities we service nearest to Pittsburg are Bay Point, CA (1.9 miles ) and Antioch, CA (2.3 miles ).